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Why Healthcare?



Why Healthcare Investments Make Sense

At Burgeonstar* the decision to invest in healthcare is grounded in a multi-pronged approach that implements relationship building designed to meet the ongoing demand for facilities, equipment and services that produces substantial financial returns.
This investment strategy is supported by research and market projections as follows:
Robust growth to approximately $671.49 billion by 2027 is projected due to advances in technology, increased demand, and an aging population. (Precedence Research, 2020)(3)
Approximately 90% of health executives believe that to compete in a post-digital world, organizations need to elevate their relationships with customers as partners. (Accenture, 2020)(2)
A shortage of healthcare centers and overcrowding has motivated institutions to elevate levels of capacity. Both expansion of existing buildings and new construction comprise ongoing and future plans for multi-billion dollar projects.(1)
Through savvy investments in lucrative healthcare businesses, Burgeonstar* is positioned to capitalize on the current and anticipated trends of personalized and connected medical devices, utilization of AI and machine learning, and improved patient safety.(4)
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