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Our Customers Are Partners
and Here’s Why

A Word from our Founder

At Burgeonstar, we truly believe that as a company, every customer is to be considered a partner in our mindset toward innovation, customer satisfaction, and success. We join with our partners creating a team that understands our mutual challenges, obstacles, and future goals and yields plans and solutions to align with our vision and mission.
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Effective Management of Resources

Effective Management of Resources

We are problem solvers. Physicians, nurses, engineers, real estate and construction professionals, and others lend their experience to the team at Burgeonstar. Valuable perspectives and indispensable knowledge are used to identify challenges and zero-in on solutions. This is the wealth behind Alsaadi Holding.
These human resources approach a task from multiple angles and produce outcomes that offer one-of-a-kind results that often include Smart Solutions. Addressing the current needs of our Partners and instituting plans for a future where errors are prevented are of paramount importance.
This vantage point instills an eagerness to seek out problems because it ensures opportunities for advancement, profit, and ultimately lives will be saved.

Profits Based on Mutual Efforts

When Partners grow, we grow. When Partners succeed, we succeed. And when we face challenges we face them together with a great team.
This inherent attribute ensures Burgeonstar’s vested interest and integrates a measure of accountability for us and our Partners. Through mutual trust-building, we strengthen our relationships which accelerates momentum toward positive change.
Burgeonstar’s profit and growth are interconnected with our Partners. We serve onboard the same ship. We stay the course and navigate the journey pressing forward together avoiding stagnate waters, and refusing to abandon ship.
Profits Based on Mutual Efforts
Shared Service to Humanity

Shared Service to Humanity

With service comes understanding. Humans are not perfect. Mistakes will happen. At the end of the day we are all human beings, and the human doing part of the equation includes errors.
Utilizing advanced technology to close the gap on errors to potentially save lives is a space where Alsaadi Holding experiences great success. Although we implement technology to prevent and correct mistakes, we are committed to our beliefs that the human-to-human interaction must always remain and never be replaced.
Regardless of the advancements in technology, we as humans are vital for creating true understanding between each other and our Partners as we mutually serve humanity

Elevation of All Departments

Links of a chain forged in steel – each additional link enhances its strength, interdependence, and worthiness to be a connecting force that serves a purpose.
Like the chain, Burgeonstar, our Partners and subsidiaries form an interconnected crossover of resources that uniquely super-charges the flow of business operations. The Alsaadi Holding team consistently communicates across the healthcare, real estate/construction and logistics and distribution sectors to deliver outcomes.
Each company has the utility of reaching out to others within and outside Burgeonstar to strengthen their cohesion, commitment and results. When one link in the chain is pulled, the others are affected. This promotes accountability and the elevation of all departments. No one works alone.
Elevation of All Departments
Experienced Service Providers

Experienced Service Providers

Positioned to access cutting-edge advancements from around the world sets Burgeonstar apart from most companies. We gain knowledge and experience from various country’s products and practices that benefit our worldwide Partners. For example, newly implemented products or services in Canada or Dubai, but not yet available in the U.S., can be implemented sooner than expected placing our Partners on the forefront of innovation.
Our diverse team of multi-lingual, subject matter experts in medicine, real estate, engineering, finance, law, and others taps into unique opportunities for driving growth and building futures. Additionally, firsthand experience affords an understanding for meeting government codes, standards, rules and regulations in each jurisdiction.
As an organization, Burgeonstar capitalizes on being in the right place, at the right time with the right people to deliver innovation to our Partners.
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