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Logistics and Shipping


Logistics and Shipping:

How We’re Getting There Matters to All of Us

Agility. Innovation. Adaptability. Thriving through the pressure-tested experience of a worldwide pandemic fostered indispensable knowledge that is used to meet and exceed today’s supply chain demands, technology integration, and timely delivery that saves lives.
Investing in companies that actively innovate and adapt to the demands of today is supported by research and market projections as follows:
Continued momentum in construction industry output in the U.S. is expected to 75% of medical supply industry players believe that having a better supply chain ability is a concern for the market. (1)
Around 39% of senior executives in MedTech companies consider supply chain technology systems as a critical component of their operations. (1)
31% of MedTech leaders said reducing costs is the primary goal for their digital investments. Meanwhile, 25% say they invest to gain insights into the execution of business strategy, while another 25% invest to increase demand for their products. On the other hand, 19% say the investments are for improving the efficiency of their Research & Development process. (2)
As supply chain costs account for 40% of the expenses found in the medical devices market today, improving performance in this area could boost profits for manufacturers by up to 20%. (1)
Crossover (3) - The desire for construction management software focuses on project tracking (73%), job costing (72%), project estimating (66%), improved accuracy (47%), and process standardization/automation (39%). (3)
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