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Our Founder: Dr. Alsaadi

Abdul Alsaadi, Ph.D. | Chairman

Dr. Abdulrahman Alsaadi conceived the idea for Burgeonstar to be a Center of Innovation and Excellence for his Investors and Customer Partners. Through this collective energy, Dr. Alsaadi creates opportunities for companies to revolutionize the way they do business by imagining the future and making it the present.
Dr. Alsaadi’s exposure to a diverse array of business dynamics while working in and with private university hospitals, nonprofit hospitals, government-operated facilities, cancer centers, and service providers granted him valuable insights that he uses to help businesses evolve and thrive. Witnessing the intense need to innovate customer service toward efficiency, productivity and profitability inspired his business approach:
Dr. Alsaadi believes,
“A company that understands what the customer/partner needs can then advance the partner’s expectation. This instills the belief that driving growth and building futures are not only possible, but highly probable. This is how we elevate the enterprise. Customers are not cost centers. They are partners. Their growth is our growth.”
Life experience inspires Dr. Alsaadi’s progressive educational pursuits, which satisfies his uncompromising desire to gain knowledge, and to identify emerging opportunities for his companies and partners.
Dr. Alsaadi is a Certified Management Consultant with over 10 years of experience in Product Development, Healthcare ICAT (Information, Communication, and Automation Technology), and Architectural Design. His education includes degrees in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Healthcare Management, along with his studies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Integration through MIT, and Business Analytics for Healthcare Delivery from Harvard. His recent acceptance into Yale’s prestigious medical degree program is next on his agenda.
With a steadfast commitment to daily self-insight and progress, Dr. Alsaadi creates a business culture that encourages expression of creativity that will positively affect the world. He takes great pride in knowing that his work saves lives and promotes real action toward business sustainability and infinite growth. This continues to be his vision and mission for himself and Burgeonstar.
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