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Medical Supplies
MedZon Health* is a full-spectrum medical supplier with corporate offices located in Placentia, California. Our mission is to design, develop, manufacture, and deliver the best and highest quality products in the medical supply industry. We have nationwide staffing and logistics teams that ensure timely, reliable, and responsive service to hospitals, healthcare systems, and other valued customer-partners throughout the United States.
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GME Health v1_No Alsaadi Holding
GME Health is the comprehensive one-source solution for all your facility’s medical supply and equipment needs. GME Health provides expert preventive and corrective maintenance for all general biomedical equipment, sterilizers, labs, and clinics. Our AI data management program, allows us to monitor and track service records for all compliance inspections. We also provide management services for your Clinical Engineering Department to operate with cost-saving efficiency and data-driven solutions making equipment and renovation investments possible.
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Medical Equipment
GME Health
Pharmaceutical Supplier
Medzon Rx
Medzon Rx v1_No Alsaadi Holding
MedZon Rx* emerged as a sister-company to MedZon Health™ to serve as a comprehensive supplier of high-quality pharmaceuticals. In an ever-changing market where access to pharmaceuticals is not always guaranteed, MedZon Rx™ works to educate our trusted hospitals and health institutions on the newest pharmaceutical industry advancements, and to timely deliver product to prevent delay in patient care.
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HavensBerg Health is a direct partner of HavensBerg Clinic* and offers a referral source for people whose medical needs are better served at a hospital. A productive ongoing channel of communication ensures that proper care will be given to achieve optimal outcomes.
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Doctor meeting with Client
Founded by Dr. Alsaadi, Alsaadi Bank distinguishes itself by being a strategic partner to hospitals, prioritizing growth and expansion. The bank operates on a fee-based model, eschewing traditional interest-based approaches, and maintains exclusivity by accepting a limited number of invitation-only clients each year. Alsaadi Bank aspires to be the global leader in healthcare banking, driven by a unique mission that emphasizes the transformative potential of partnerships and a commitment to a brighter future.
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SetNStone v1_No Padding
Set N Stone* Artistry provides the platform to transform your visions into reality by uniquely creating the perfect renovation of your facility. Set N Stone* is a customer service driven company that utilizes its partners in architecture and construction to enable hospitals to remodel and modernize their departments. We are here for you from start to finish: from helping select the best materials, to coordinating delivery, through to our precision installation.
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Stone Artistry
Shipping Distribution Partner
Logistics and Shipping - How We're Getting There Matters to All of Us
Rogex v1_No Alsaadi Holding
Rogex* was established to operate air, ocean, and ground distribution to ensure rapid delivery, without delay to our US partners. When our hospital partners needed critical medical supplies delivered off hours and on weekends, Rogex* was formed to ensure that front-line staff has the supplies needed to take care of all our loved ones. Our operations are tasked to be available and prepared 24/7 to assist our valued clients in the timely delivery of their orders.
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CROFTEX is a facilities management company responsible for overseeing the maintenance, operations and overall security of a healthcare facility. The services provided include maintaining compliance, coordinating construction projects for existing and new facilities, and daily operations involving food service, laundry, custodial, safety protocols, maintenance and repairs of electro-mechanical equipment, and structures. Industries of future interest include: defense, energy, government, schools, senior care.
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Facility Mangement
Air Travel
Excitement, hospitality and unforgettable journey is on every flight with Alsaadi Air.
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Talia Foundation v1_No Alsaadi Holding
Our founder, Dr. Abdulrahman Alsaadi, created Talia Foundation™ from his calling to help poor communities have access to essentials such as water, food, shelter, clothes, and medication. At Alsaady Holding™, each of our subsidiaries has joined our mission to contribute a percentage of their profits to Talia Foundation™. We recognize and appreciate the support of our healthcare, construction, and logistics partners in enabling the creation of Talia Foundation™.
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