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Who We Are


Our Mission

To partner with and lead our stakeholders toward growth and profit by innovating business structures and functions that effectively adapt to change and elevate outcomes

Our Vision

To be a world-class Center for business innovation and excellence for investors and partners by revolutionizing the way business is done.
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Established with Agility, Innovation, and Humanity in Mind

Disrupt tradition. Develop innovative companies. Drive growth for profit. Dr. Abdulrahman Alsaadi assembled his diverse team of skilled entrepreneurial-minded executives to carry out his vision — build high-impact, multinational businesses that produce high rewards. For those motivated by growth, secure decision-making, and adaptability that diverts fiscal stagnation, Burgeonstar welcomes all individuals and enterprises to join them on their journey. Agility and adapting to ever-changing markets have proven to be vital components to Burgeonstar’s investment strategies that span varied business sectors. Establishing a successful and expanding presence in medical supplies, clinical technology management, construction, real estate development, pharmaceuticals, logistics, food service and hospitality provides evidence of their winning strategy
This diversification allows for robust opportunities to leverage their holdings and capture unique opportunities for expansion. Investors and Partners alike benefit from the growth trends experienced in these industries. Burgeonstar believes that their Investors’ and Partners’ success is their success, and connections forged upon this premise invite an acceleration toward excellence. Dr. Abdulrahman Alsaadi, CEO, continues to travel the globe to cultivate relationships and meet the needs of an ever-growing list of potential and existing Investors and Partners. Although headquartered in Newport Beach, California, USA, Burgeonstar's reach is global as they pursue their passion for driving growth and building futures while maintaining their commitment to serve those entrusted to them through their products and services. Joining Burgeonstar in their efforts to remain agile, innovate and maintain a clear benevolence for humanity offers the growth, safety and profit potential sought by like-minded Investors and Partners. It’s time to take this journey together.
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