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Trends: Logistics and Shipping 
Roll Toward Innovations

Written By Burgeonstar
The cornerstone of an efficient and effective logistics operation is adaptability. When needs change, adjustments and pivots are necessary. Whether the need is challenge-based or a positive innovation, a responsive planned approach and execution are necessary. When it comes to responding to trends, businesses that embrace them with optimism are posturing for success.
According to the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (, the lack of trained and experienced employees, technology, and the environment are the three biggest challenges reported by 700 shipping professionals.
The following are three reported trends that are helping businesses address these challenges to meet the goal of running a flexible, fine-tuned logistics operation.
Robotic process automation (RPA)
The utilization of RPA for repetitive tasks has been effective, and will continue to be in the future. Software robots via SaaS (software as a service) providers can be used in logistics for things such as product and shipment tracking, moving and organizing data, and connectivity with apps. Although RPA can be used for many job tasks, there will remain a need for human-to-human interaction. The labor pool of trained and experienced people must be tended to meet business needs.
Data mining
We are in the age of information and the efforts to gather more and more of it populate today’s headlines. The value of data is immense and will increase as more innovative processes and functions become dependent upon it. Data is gathered and filtered and transformed into knowledge that drives decision-making. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are being used to improve efficiency and profitability in many industries including healthcare technology management. AI and ML can identify bottlenecks in logistics and shipping, and predict product demand in manufacturing and construction.
Green logistics
The momentum of environmental awareness continues to grow. The conscious effort of a business to lessen their carbon footprint is apparent. Green logistics focuses on policies and actions aimed at sustainability. The inclusion of electric vehicles, use of biodegradable products in manufacturing and operations, and eliminating or lessening the amount of waste that is produced are all helping logistics operations meet their initiatives. Land, oceans and air are the domain of logistics and shipping, and therefore, green logistics have inherent worldwide positive impact.
Whether you’re an employee, business owner or someone considering investing, determining how a company is responding to these trends is vital to identify viable growth opportunities.

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